Screw Fasteners

As the first solid Screw Fasteners that reformed the development world, our mark solid fasteners convey the convenience, unrivaled accuracy as well as the unparalleled execution that experts request. Our fasteners draw from its exceptional capacity to tap their own particular strings into solid, making them brilliant other option to lag shields, plugs and expansion anchors. Utilize our Screw Fasteners for introducing ledge plates, electrical instruments, furring strips as well as different applications, which demand fastening into concrete, block or brick. They function in every masonry grounded material such as brick, concrete or block. Utilize these fasteners for an assortment of activities including 2X4s, electrical equipment, fixing sill plates and different fixtures to masonry.

Key features:

  • Tapcon bore application for predictable application
  • Rust safe for indoor and open air application
  • Stacked with simple installation and evacuation function
  • Width is measured outwardly of the strings

Fasteners Bolts

We are offering Hex Bolts in various sizes and in all required finishes.

Fasteners Nuts


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